Create and Edit Files in Office Web Apps

You can access Office Web Apps to create a new file or edit an existing file.  If you have never accessed OneDrive before, when you navigate to your OneDrive library, you'll be prompted to wait while OneDrive is being configured.  Once the space is ready and available, you'll be able to follow the below instructions.

To create a new file using Office Web Apps:

  • Log in to Webmail and click the waffle icon. Click OneDrive to display your document library. Both are circled in the below screenshots.


  • Click New, then select the type of document that you want to create.

  • A new tab will open for the document selected. You may be prompted for a document name; if so - enter a name for the new document, and click OK.

  • The document will open in the Office Web App appropriate to the document type.

To edit an existing file in Office Web Apps:

  1. Log in to Webmail, click the waffle icon and select OneDrive to display your document library.
  2. Open the document you wish to edit.
  3. The document will open and you will be able to edit in the Web app.