Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams is an application available to SPU faculty, staff, and students. Teams is designed specifically for workplace communication and collaboration, bringing together functions such as Chat, Meeting Organization, Group Collaboration, Video Meetings, File and Desktop Sharing, as well as Session Recording all into a single user interface. For added privacy, users can blur their background or select a custom background in video meetings; click here for instructions. You can find SPU-approved and branded backgrounds here.

To get started with Teams, you will first need to have the application installed on your SPU-provided computer. Once it is installed and you are signed on, you will have access to all of the available features in Teams.

SPU Faculty and Staff can click here for more expansive guidance on Teams best practices and use cases.

If you don't already have it, get Microsoft Teams on your SPU-Managed device by using the SPU Software Center.

  • For Windows 11 devices, you will need to install Microsoft Teams through the Microsoft App Store.

To get Teams on a personal device, visit

Video: Welcome to Teams

Get to know Teams better

Microsoft has put together an array of training materials covering topics ranging from sending direct messages to managing member permissions within a Team. Use the links below to download a quick start guide, walk through an interactive demo, or visit Microsoft's Training pages.