SPU Security Group Toolbox


The SPU Security Group Toolbox is a tool for departmental managers to add and remove users from certain delegated groups. These groups provide access to specific pre-determined resources.

Who is a delegated manager?

Please contact the CIS HelpDesk by creating a ticket in the Jira Service Desk portal to inquire about management or request management permission changes.

Using the SPU Security Group Toolbox.

The SPU Security Group Toolbox is available for Delegated Mangers can to download from the Software Center.

StepsRelevant Data and Screenshots
        1. Locate the SPU Security Group Toolbox Icon on the desktop.

        2. Double-clicking the icon will bring up the following window. Double click the department within the window that contains the target group

         3. Once the target group has been identified, double click on the group to open a new window, which should appear as shown. When the window has opened, select the "members" tab:

         4. Within the Members tab, click the "Add" button:

          5. A new window will appear. Within the white box of the window, enter the full SPU email of the user, click Check Names, then OK. This completes the process of modifying permissions using the SPU security group toolbox.