SPSS Statistics Info

As of 8/25/2015 this article is no longer relevant. Depending on future license agreements it may become relevant once more.


SPSS is installed across campus computers and available for work at home rights as well as student use on personal computers.  The version installed on SPU computers has more features than the one provided through the SPU Download Center for personal computers due to the way licenses are provisioned to campus from IBM.  Information about the versions can be found below.

Campus Computers

SPSS on Academic Computers

Academic computers consist of computer lab classrooms, classroom podiums and library computers on the lower level. All academic computers at SPU have SPSS Statistics Premium installed.

Faculty and Staff Computers

Faculty and Staff can download the latest version of SPSS Premium on their SPU computers by opening the Software Center application.  For users who already had SPSS installed, you were automatically upgraded to the latest version.

Personal Computers

SPSS Statistics obtained from the SPU download center is SPSS Statistics Standard, which has a limited feature set.  Analysis tools such as Missing Value Analysis, Multiple Imputation, and Complex Samples are not available on SPSS Statistics Standard edition. To download the latest version of SPSS on your personal computer, visit the SPU Download Center.

Program Version Features