Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a PowerPoint-integrated, student-response tool that offers whole-class participation and assessment through teacher-designed surveys, polls, and discussion boards.

More Information about setup and use is available from ETM: Click Here


How to Add to PowerPoint

  1. Open a new PowerPoint File

  2. On the Home Tab, click on Add-Ins, in the top right corner

  3. Select Add for Poll Everywhere or select Get Add-Ins and search for it

  4. Click on Launch Login Window when it loads on your current slide

  5. Sign in to the Poll Everywhere webpage with your SPU account and click Authorize

  6. Close that window and return to PowerPoint

How to Create a New Interactive Activity

  1. Navigate to the Poll Everywhere tab on the top menu

  2. Click New or Insert

  3. Authorize access on the pop-up menu

  4. Click New Activity on the pop-up page

  5. Choose between Blank Activities (like word clouds, multiple choice quizzes, surveys, etc.), Small Discussions (project feedback, create agendas, etc.), Large Gatherings (panel questions, audience sentiments, etc.), Interesting Visuals (bar chart, donut chart, etc.), and WFH Icebreakers (feedback, team building, knowledge share, etc.)

  6. Select Insert Slides