Network and Internet

Seattle Pacific offers both wired and wireless options for connecting personal computers and mobile devices to the campus network and Internet. Use the Icons above to locate step-by-step instructions for connecting your particular device(s).

You may also connect gaming & streaming devices that don't have web browsers to the campus network; click Network Device Registration link for more information.

  • All devices must be authorized by SPU, be authenticated, and uniquely identifiable.
  • We strongly recommend disabling the MAC Address Randomization feature when connecting to SPU's network.  See Network and Internet Troubleshooting for additional information.
  • Personally-owned networking equipment such as wireless access points and wifi range extenders are NOT permitted. (If you have concerns about wireless coverage in your area please submit a report to
  • Each person is responsible to ensure their systems are free of viruses and malware.
  • Persons using the campus network and related resources must adhere to the Computer Acceptable Use policy.

If you have an SPU Username and Password, make sure you connect to SPU-Wireless and not the Guest Network.