Remote Access


SPU provides multiple tools to allow employees to access on-campus services and resources while working remotely as well as for CIS to manage the security and performance of SPU-issued computers.

Note: Remote Access tools, such as VPN or Citrix, may not be needed for many business activities.

Many programs and applications are available from off-campus without need for VPN connections or Citrix.  These include:

  • Office 365 (including Email, OneDrive for Business, MS Teams, Sharepoint, etc.)
  • Canvas
  • Wiki
  • Banner Self-Service
  • Zoom
  • and many others

VPNs (In General)

We have several Virtual Private Networks (VPN) configured to allow faculty and staff to connect securely to on-campus technology resources from SPU managed devices while off-campus, including resources like:

  • Workstation updates, maintenance, support: 
  • Departmental file shares (ie. Matthew) and MyDocs synchronization
  • Some on-campus applications (e.g. EMS, StarRez) require VPN access 

In general, the SPU-AOVPN is our general-purpose VPN that is/will be deployed to all CIS managed computers. Other VPNs are department-specific based upon special use cases. 

SPU-AOVPN - deployed/deploying to all SPU managed computers

The SPU-AOVPN was launched during the 2021-22 school year and is being deployed to workstation computers throughout our environment.  It will be installed automatically on SPU managed computers allocated to faculty and staff.  It is powered by Microsoft's Always On VPN technology and is designed to always be connected. V,SPU-AOVPN connectivity for remote computers is necessary for CIS to centrally manage programs and applications, keeping them up-to-date with the latest security and performance updates. It also provides the user with direct access to DFS Departmental files shares as well as MyDocs file synchronization.


The VPN-PRIVDATA and VPN-CIS are available to CIS staff and other users with privileged system access (see Privileged System Access Policy).  These VPNs grant all the same access as the SPU VPN and additional access appropriate for these roles.

For instructions on connecting to VPN-PRIVDATA: /wiki/spaces/SWDOC/pages/36589551.

VPNs (Old Ones we are Deprecating)

We have several legacy VPNs that are being replaced/phased out:


The SPU VPN is the legacy VPN solution for faculty and staff.  It is currently being phased out and new installations are not encouraged. 

Fortinet VPN

The Fortinet VPN was a stop-gap solution for faculty and staff that was launched during Fall 2020.  This VPN is scheduled to be deprecated July 2022.

Remote Desktop

In addition to the VPN remote capabilities noted above, we also deploy Remote Desktop Connections that allow employees to login to their on-campus desktop devices from home or other remote locations.  This must be enabled individual per user and computer.  Please read here for more details: Remote Desktop Connection.

Citrix - Expected deprecation Summer 2022.

Citrix is an online service for Faculty and Staff that allows you to access your SPU My Documents, Departmental File Shares, and other SPU specific applications from a personal device with internet access.  Citrix can also be used to connect to your on-campus desktop device. As noted above, we are attempting to discontinue Citrix in the near future.

For more details, including instructions on how to connect: Citrix Remote Access