Citrix Remote Access

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This page is deprecated. Citrix was turned off over December 2023. Please refer to Remote Computer Access for FacStaff for the updated steps


Citrix allows some SPU resources and applications to be accessed from a personal computer or any device with internet access. It is available for SPU faculty and staff while some student employees or student leaders are able to use Citrix with approval from CIS. 

The following resources & applications are available in Citrix:

My Work DocumentsDept. File ShareMy Work DesktopSoftware Applications
  • Open documents stored in your SPU My Documents folder*
  • Access to Matthew/department file shares
  • Edit and save files directly on the server*
  • Remotely connect to your SPU-Managed Computer
  • Control your SPU machine as if you were physically logged in
  • Run programs that are only installed on that computer
  • Argos
  • Banner Admin
  • EMS Client
  • Firefox On-Campus
  • Raiser's Edge
  • Other Software

Installing Citrix

Installation instructions are specific to the type of device you will use Citrix on. Use the links below to see instructions.

On a personally owned computer:

On a public computer:

On a smart phone or tablet:

Citrix on SPU-Managed Computers

SPU Managed computers can install Citrix from the Software Center application on their computer.  Go to Install Software on an SPU-Managed Computer to learn more.  

Launching & Configuring Citrix

  1. Launch Citrix Workspace on your device
  2. If this is your first time launching Citrix, you will be prompted to add a workspace
    1. If prompted to add a server address, use
    2. When prompted to log in, use your SPU username and password
  3. Once logged in, you will need to configure your workspace
    1. Click the "+" icon on the left hand side of the application.
    2. Select the applications you want to add.  A green check mark will appear next to applications that will appear on the home screen.
      Adding Apps to Your Workspace
  4. Once applications have been added to the Citrix home screen, applications can be opened by clicking on the respective icon

Firefox On-Campus

Firefox On-Campus is provided as way to open a browser window from on-campus.  This is necessary for several access to several third-party services and websites, including:

  • Destiny One Staff View
  • Some Library resources

Prior to 2020, we would have recommended the SPU VPN.  However, moving to a new VPN architecture with Fortinet prevents some websites from properly identifying your computer as being from SPU.  Connecting to a browser through Citrix allows the authorized connection to proceed.