Remote Computer Lab Access


SPU students to have access to remote Windows computer labs access to labs to gain access to specialize lab software from most computing devices on the internet. 

Connection Instructions

  1. For your first time, Install the Remote Desktop Client
  2. Navigate to
  3. Select an open computer from the list
  4. Click the Download button and open the file in your Remote Desktop tool
    1. You may need to open the downloaded file manually or send it to the Remote Desktop app on a mobile device
  5. Logging-On: use your SPU username, not your full SPU email address
    1. Authenticate MFA with the Microsoft Authenticator app since this resource specifically requires the application push. 
    2. Allow access to microphone and camera, if desired/needed
    3. Your Remote Desktop tool has other settings, such as screen size that you may which to change before connecting
  6. Logging-Off: You do not need to log off to disconnect, simply just close the window to log out and allow other users to access the device. 

How to Install the Remote Desktop Client

To access the remote lab computers, you need to install the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client.  See the instructions below for specific devices.


Other Devices

Windows PC

  • Windows computers have the Remote Desktop Connection app pre-installed.

Apple Mac 

*Click here for specific Microsoft Remote Desktop configuration instructions.


  1. From the bottom right of your screen, open the Quick Settings Panel
  2. Click the Settings icon
  3. Scroll down until the Google Play Store option is present. Next to it should be a button labeled Turn On
  4. Click the Turn On button
  5. When the terms of service appear, scroll through and click Accept.
  6. Search for Microsoft Remote Desktop in the search bar and click to install


Apple iPad / iPhone

Quick Access - SPU Online Services

You should be able to gain quick access to remote lab computers through the SPU Online Services page.

  1. On any web browser, go to SPU Online Services.
  2. Ensure that the Students tab is selected. 
  3. Scroll down and select the RemoteLabs app under the Academic section. 
  4. This will redirect you to the main Remote Lab page where you can gain remote access by connecting to an available computer.
  5. Ensure that the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client is installed, and follow previous instructions for how to login and logout.