Remote Desktop Connection


Remote Desktop Connection for Windows is a tool that lets you login to and control a computer over the internet.  The instructions below pertain specifically to the circumstances and configuration by which CIS has configured access for employees to login to their designated SPU-managed desktop computer on-campus.

Requesting Access

This level of remote access is not enabled by default across all SPU-managed desktops.  Faculty and staff may request access for themselves.  As part of our process for granting access, we will be able to systematically identify and grant access to your most frequently-accessed devices.

To request access, please Submit a Help Desk Ticket, including your username.  If you are not sure of your computer name, let us know and we can confirm that for you as well.

Student Employee Access

Student employee supervisors should evaluate carefully the remote access needs of your student employees, as well as your ability to ensure appropriate supervision of activity.  You should also be aware that this method of remote access will only allow one user to login to a desktop computer at a time, so you will need to manage your student employee work schedules similar to if they were physically present.

To request access for student employees, please have your department head Submit a Help Desk Ticket, including the desired usernames.

Connection Instructions

Once your request has been approved and processed, please follow these instructions: /wiki/spaces/HKB/pages/36571722.

Student employees who have been granted access may need to wait up to 30 minutes before access to the instructions linked above will be automatically granted.