Registering Non-Browser Devices for Network Access

Seattle Pacific University requires that each device connecting to the network be registered by its user. Some devices do not have web browser support: these will require manual registration as follows:


To register a non-web browser device:

  1. You will need to register using your SPU Username and Password (step 4 below).
  2. Please make sure your device is powered on and connected to the network.
    1. To register a device on the wired residential network, you will first need to request to have the port activated.
    2. To register a device on the wireless network, connect the device to the "SPU-Wireless" SSID before proceeding.
  3. Record the MAC address of your device (tips below).
  4. With your device's specific MAC address in hand, and with the device connected to the network, follow this link to Register your device. (Note - clicking the link will prompt for your SPU Username and Password.)

About MAC Addresses

This address is a 12 character sequence of numbers (0-9) and letters (A to F) separated by colons (:). Examples: a6:01:cf:4c:d3:88  5c:f3:70:77:aa:f1

Common mistakes

MAC addresses will never use letters past F such as O or i. If you receive an error when inputting your MAC address it's likely because you have mistaken the number 0 for the letter O or the number 1 for the letter i.

The device you are registering via this exception process must be turned on and connected to the network prior to registration.

Note About Gaming Consoles

Online game systems are allowed on the SPU network but support from CIS is at a minimal level. You are responsible for setup, configuration and trouble shooting. Some online game sites are known to have performance problems. Higher priority network requirements will take precedence over gaming activities.

A Note About Personal Hubs, Switches, Wireless Access Points:

Personally owned hubs, switches, routers, wireless access points, and wireless range extenders may conflict with other devices on SPU network and are therefore prohibited. Please do not attempt to connect and/or register these devices.

A Note About Personal Printers

If you choose to bring a personal printer please be aware that they are not supported and will not work via the campus wireless network - you will need to connect via direct cable (USB or other).
Our recommendation for printing is to use the Campus Printing Solution MFP's.