SPU Room Finder


SPU Room Finder is how users can schedule events (such as meetings, Faculty Senate, conferences, club meetings, special lectures, ASSP events) as well as academic classes and class-related meetings.  It is part of the larger system, EMS (Event Management System), that is used to book all room usage at SPU. Conference Services maintains the system for events and SAS maintains the system for academics.   

You will be able to schedule meetings and events through Outlook on your SPU-managed PC or through a web application. You can invite the attendees, find a day/time and find a space all in the same place.  You will be notified if the space is approved. 

Use the links above to find specific instructions or additional information on how to use SPU Room Finder to reserve space on campus for an event.

If you're a Room Approver and are looking for EMS Client Documentation, go to EMS Client.