SPU Room Finder Request Types

Depending on your role and the department you work in, do not be surprised if some of these reservation request types are not available to you when accessing SPU Room Finder. 

Dept Name Conference Room

These are often specific to a department and are rooms that may not be open for non-department individuals to reserve.  Often these rooms are setup so departments can reserve their space without going through the typical approval process.

General Room Request

The following events on campus, should use the General Room Request option for reserving space:

  • Cadre
  • Day of Common Learning
  • Faculty Senate
  • Movie Screening/Showing
  • Staff/Faculty Meeting
  • Staff/Faculty Lecture (non-course related)
  • Staff/Faculty Lecture Symposium
  • Staff/Faculty Lecture Seminar
  • Study Abroad Info. Sessions
  • Training Sessions

Requests submitted via General Room Request are not guaranteed until they have been confirmed by the space/room approver.

Athletic Space Request

Use this request type to submit space reservations for the Gym, including Wallace Field.

Upper Gwinn

This is a request for reserving the Upper Level of Gwinn for a campus event.  This request is processed by Conference Services.  Any follow up questions about usage and availability should be directed to conferenceservices@spu.edu.

Course-Related Request

Use this request type to request a room for a course-related event, including:

  • Faculty or TA-led study session
  • Extra meeting of a course
  • Course-related film showing
  • Music rehearsal
  • Music performance or recital
  • Center for Learning study tables

Library Study Rooms

Use this request type to reserve a study room in the Library.  These rooms may only be reserved a certain number of times per day.  If you have problems with your reservation or have questions about this, contact libraryrooms@spu.edu.

Vehicle Request

Use this request type to reserve a Motor Pool vehicle for university transportation needs.

Information Tables

Use this request type to reserve an information table for a campus event.  Your requests will be directed to Student Programs for event approval and then processed by Conference Services.

View My Requests

To view your requests and make changes to previously submitted items, go to View My Requests.  Your Cancelled events are automatically filtered, use the checkbox on the right to view these events.