SharePoint is a platform for creating sites where people can collaborate. A SharePoint site helps departments and teams work together by providing them a place to securely store and share documents, information, and ideas. This tool allows you to create project sites or team sites and quickly share information with internal and external users online. 

For Example: There's only one version of a document your team needs to work with; it's always in the same place and up-to-date. Instead of many people creating multiple versions of this document in different places, you can have everyone working on the same document at the same time. SharePoint will even keep track of everyone's changes in one location. You can keep reviewing and tweaking your content while on the go, offline - all from virtually any device (smartphone, laptop/desktop, tablet).

You can assign tasks that can be tracked and prioritized. This allows you to keep an eye on important details with a real-time summary of your project. This feature also helps keep you and your team on task to accomplish goals on time. 

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Microsoft's SharePoint Training video library is also available for your reference.

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