Adding Extra Attempts on Assignments

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Canvas allows instructors to set the number of assignment attempts. We may experience that one or more students ask for additional attempts on an assignment when they reach the limited number and want to submit a better-prepared document. Before Canvas releases the new feature of "per-user-reattempts", we can show you how to add extra attempts for all students to solve this issue temporarily.

The Instructure (The name of Canvas company) states that the feature of "per-user-reattempts" is in development and will be released soon. We will announce this new feature when it is released. 

Navigate to the Assignment

  • Open the Assignments link from the course navigation bar.

  • Click the assignment name that students request extra attempts.
  • Click Edit button.

Add One More Attempt

  • Add one more attempt to the current number of attempts. For example, if the number of attempts was 2, you need to change it to 3. 


This change will apply to all students. 

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