Infosec Lab Integration with Canvas


Infosec Lab offers curriculum solutions with hands-on virtual labs and cyber ranges which can integrate with your Canvas courses providing you with robust grading and performance data. This instruction will guide you on how to integrate Infosec Lab with your Canvas course.

Login Infosec Lab

Choose a course from Infosec Lab

  • Navigate to Instructor Resource Center.

instructor resource center
  • Choose a course you want to integrate with Canvas.

  • Get course information.

course information

Integrate with Canvas

  • Navigate to the Canvas course you want to use Infosec Lab.

  • Click Modules [1] in the course navigation. Locate the module to which you wish to add an instance of the Infosec Labs LTI.

  • Click the Add (“+”) [2] button to the far right of the module title.

  • Enter or select the following values:

    • a. Add: Select External Tool [1] from the dropdown list.

      • i. Select Infosec Labs [2] from the list of tools.

    • b. URL: Replace the information in this field with the Course LTI URL  [3] (you can get this URL from course information).

    • c. Page Name: Infosec Labs  [4].

    • d. Load in a new tab: Check this box  [5].

    • e. Indentation: Set your preference.

  • Click Add Item [6].

  • You can test this by following the below steps.

    • Logging out of the Infosec lab environment and closing the browser window.

    • Click the link to the labs that you just created in your course.

    • Once the lab is clicked and it opens in a new window, you should see the lab home page or the specific lab you linked it.

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