ETM Project Pricing

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ETM is dedicated to providing SPU with high-quality consultation, support, assistance and production of multimedia learning materials.

ETM classifies projects under three designations:

  • Pedagogical Use denotes projects that meet the following criteria: a direct relationship between the resulting materials and student instruction, media with a reusable shelf life of more than 12 months, media which can exist in its intended use state outside the confines of a single course, and a project incorporating contemporary or cutting-edge use of learning theory and/or pedagogy.  (Please note, we do normally charge for pedagogical work for projects supported by external grants. If your project is funded by an external grant, you should account for videography in your budget. We can, in some circumstances, treat the videography as an institutional contribution to the project but this should be agreed with us and still be part of the project budget).
  • Production Use denotes projects with pedagogical value but do not meet all above criteria. These include recorded lectures, guest speakers, interviews, event or classroom recordings, posters for a one-off event or course, screen captures and more. 
  • Non-Academic projects do not have a direct pedagogical value. These include promotional materials and publication artwork. 

All projects must be submitted through the ETM /wiki/spaces/ETMH/pages/36544282.

Cost Breakdown

An instructional designer or director will contact you about the project and develop a strategy for design, production, implementation and assessment.

The initial consultation will include an estimate of hours for design & production, implementation and assessment. 

For pedagogical use projects, ETM does not charge the faculty/department/organization for work.

This type of work is considered part of a teaching & learning innovation fund as sponsored by the Center for Scholarship & Faculty Development.

For production use projects, ETM charges a flat rate of $30/hour for all work.

This includes development beyond the initial consultation:

    • pre-production 
    • creation production
    • Any editing or other post-production necessities 

Copies of audio, video and digital materials are provided as part of the cost; in the case of illustrations, any necessity beyond a reasonable creation is charged at the going rate from university press.

For non-academic projects, ETM charges a flat rate of $40/hour for all work.

This includes:

    • pre-production
    • production
    • post-production

 It is important to note that due to time constraints, non-academic projects are a lower priority than pedagogical and production projects.