Cengage Integration in Canvas

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Cengage Learning is a digital platform offering course kits, including quizzes, eTextbooks, and diverse course content across various subjects. It can integrate with Canvas seamlessly to create assignment links and generate gradebook within Canvas.

We list additional resources about Cengage and Canvas integration below for your reference.

If you have technical questions about Cengage, please check Cengage Service Support

Enable Cengage integration in Canvas

  • Go to Settings [1] from the course navigation.
  • Click Navigation tab [2].

course settings

  • Drag and drop Cengage into the top list.
  • Click Save.

Cengage tool

Cengage tool as an instructor-only tool, will not be visible to all students in the course navigation bar.

Create a course

  • Click Authorize button to allow Cengage to access  your course if this is your first time to connect Cengage tool in Canvas.

authorize button

  • Login using your faculty account. Or create a new account for Cengage.

Cengage login window

  • Choose a Cengage category you want to use in your course.

Cengage categories

  • Search course content by title, author or keywords.


  • When you located the content, click Link to Course button to begin the course creation process.

link to course

If your search comes up with title not found, you can click the button in the top left corner "BACK TO CATEGORY" to search under another category.

  • Create a course name and add start date and end date. Select your time zone and click Continue.

course information

  • Select the content [1] you will assign to your students. If you prefer to add Cengage assignment grades into Canvas Gradebook, check the boxes under the column named Add to Gradebook [2]. Click Continue.

course content

  • Setup attempts number for the assignments you assigned. Click Save.

attempt number

  • You will redirect to your Canvas course homepage. All Cengage assignment links are placed in an unpublished module under Modules.
  • Relocate Cengage assignment links as you need and publish them and the module they are in.

Cengage links in Canvas

  • You can add more content at any time by clicking Cengage in the course navigation bar.

Edit Cengage assignments

  • Navigate to the Assignments in Canvas.
  • Click the Cengage assignment name you wish to edit.
  • You will be directed to the edit assignment page.
  • You can change attempt number by clicking the Activity Settings on the top right-hand corner.

edit assignments

  • You can edit each question by clicking Edit button at the bottom of the question you wish to edit.

Copy Cengage integrated course to next term

After imported Cengage integrated course into a Canvas course shell, we need to activate Cengage assignment links.

  • Click on one of the Cengage assignment links in your Canvas course. You will be directed to the Cengage course page.
  • Select copy an existing course.
  • Select the Cengage course you want to copy from.

This will ensure all assignment settings, assignment links, and gradebook columns from original course will be carried over into your new Canvas course.

copy an existing course

  • Once you finish all settings, all Cengage links are activated in your Canvas course shell.

If you copy an existing (active) Canvas course that has been integrated with Cengage to create a new section, please refer to the instruction of Copying an Existing Cengage Integrated Canvas Course Content to Create a New Section.

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