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December 2022 - Canvas has added drag and drop in the text editor, an Icon maker in the text editor, and the ability to schedule page publication.

Canvas is the university's select Learning Management System (LMS) that can be used for course communications between faculty and students. There are many features in this system that make it a useful teaching tool. It includes other integrated tools such as Panopto, TurnItIn, and more, all of which operate on their own, and are accessible in Canvas. Below are some links to help you get focused support. In addition, we have a page at to help introduce new faculty and students to the basic functions of Canvas.

Canvas 101

The workshop video below covers the essential features of Canvas for instructors. Whether you're new to Canvas or need a refresher, we hope you may find it helpful.

Canvas Workshop Video

Canvas 101

If you are a student looking for support for using Canvas, please check the Student Resources page.

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