Zoom is a program/app that is used as a meeting place for people who may be in different locations around the world. Here you can video chat with others, share your screen, draw on the shared screen, switch between users, message, and call others.

Overall, it is a system that combines screen recording and meetings which work great for having a remote guest lecture and to film office hours.

Did you know, if you create a cloud recording in Zoom it will automatically be loaded into Panopto?  To learn more about this, view Panopto and Zoom Recordings.

Credentials & Canvas Integration

Zoom Sign In Window SSO SPU campus license input

Please keep in mind that you must have an SPU Zoom account to integrate with Canvas. If you have a personal Zoom account that you might have paid for, you can still use it, but this will not be able to integrate with Canvas.

When you log into the desktop application, make sure you choose SSO to ensure that you're using your SPU Campus License.

Get Started

Request a Zoom Account

In order to host a meeting, the host must first have a Zoom Basic account, which can be received by:

  1. Log into spu.zoom.us with your SPU credentials, this creates your basic SPU zoom account. 
  2. Log into Banner to request your Zoom licensed account. 
  3. Go to your Canvas  to enable the Zoom app in your course
  4. Proceed with creating a meeting through the Zoom app in your course, or the online portal, use the Zoom Desktop & Mobile App.

If you need to host meetings longer than 40 minutes you must acquire a Zoom Pro account. You must create your Zoom Basic account first before acquiring a Zoom Pro account.

You can follow the instructions for requesting the account through Banner to get your Zoom Pro account setup. All other attendees do not need accounts, but if they attend meetings from their mobile devices, they may need to download the app before being able to join.

Install the Zoom Desktop App

Since instructors are the meeting hosts, it's important to be logged into the Zoom Desktop app for their meetings.  This provides the best experience and all of the meeting controls needed to ensure you have a successful meeting.  

Remember, if you use an SPU-Managed computer, you should download Zoom through the Software Center app.  Contact the CIS HelpDesk at 206-281-2982 or help@spu.edu if you need assistance.

Create Your Meetings

For class meetings, the best option is to create meetings directly in Canvas, view Adding Zoom to Canvas for more information.  This helps keep people out, who shouldn't be in your class meetings, but also creates an easy location for your students to access all of their meetings during the quarter.

If you need to schedule individual meetings or setup webinars that aren't for the entire class or are related to other duties you have, creating a meeting through the Zoom desktop app is easy!  View the Zoom Desktop & Mobile App page for more details.

Zoom Meeting Timeouts

Zoom meetings will time out after a certain period of time. In the case of 1 host and 1 or more participants joined, if only one person remains in the meeting, the meeting will end 40 minutes later if no one else joins. https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/202460676-Time-limits-for-idle-meetings