Zoom Breakout Rooms

Breakout Rooms


To manage breakout rooms as the host, you will need:

  • Zoom Account
  • Zoom Desktop Client

Enable Breakout rooms on your account

  • Go to the top right-hand corner of your Zoom page, Click on your Account name
  • Go to Settings → Advanced Features →View Advanced Features
  • Navigate to the Breakout rooms options and verify that the settings is enabled.

enable breakout room option in advanced features settings

Getting Started with Breakout Room 

Watch this video on Getting started with Zoom Breakout Rooms!

As the host, you can assign your meeting/class participants to breakout rooms when scheduling the meeting/class.Pre-Assigning Breakout Rooms

  • Participants must have a Zoom account to be pre-assigned into breakout rooms.
  • Students, Faculty and Staff can create a Basic Zoom account by following the steps listed here (under 'Getting Started').

*This option is available when scheduling meetings in the Zoom web portal. Full, step-by-step instructions can be found here


Host cannot pre-assign breakout room from Canvas while scheduling a meeting in Zoom. But, the option to set-up breakout room is available once the meeting starts.

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