Group Work in Canvas


A significant body of research supports the use of collaborative learning and its benefits, with students perceiving a wide variety of benefits ranging from deeper learning to increased communication and teamwork skills. In Canvas, students can use groups as a collaborative tool to work with classmates on group projects and assignments. 


  • Instructors can facilitate the creation of groups and manually or automatically assign students to groups within a group set.
  • Students are allowed to create their own groups for collaboration.

For either kind of group, Canvas provides a group space with various collaborative tools

  • Discussions 
  • Collaborations 
  • Files 
  • Announcements 

Within Groups, students can:

  • Store and share documents in Files. 
  • Start a Discussion.
  • Send an Announcement. 
  • Create group collaborations. 

Within instructor-created Groups, You, as an instructor, can:

  • Facilitate projects or tasks so that students can be encouraged to communicate and iterate on documents by groups. 
  • Assign students manually or automatically or allow themselves to sign up.
  • Assign assignments to specific groups.
    • Offer different due dates and availability for groups.
    • Assign grades to groups.
  • Create graded or ungraded group discussions.