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Canvas provides an integrated system for class discussions, allowing both instructors and students to start and contribute to as many discussion topics as desired. Discussion allows for interactive communication between two or more people; users can participate in a conversation with an entire class or group. In this instruction we will introduce Group Discussion, the discussions created within groups.  

How do I use Group Discussion as an Instructor

As an instructor, you can create discussion topics and assign them to student groups as an assignment for grading purposes (and seamlessly integrated with Canvas Gradebook) . Group Discussion is an important part for group learning set that can engage all group members to work on one project or task collaboratively and interactively. 

If you want to create a discussion for the entir e class , please check Class Discussion to learn more ideas.

  • Go to Discussions from the navigation bar.
  • Create a topic by clicking + Discussion.
  • In the Option s , check the box of Graded and check the one of This is a Group Discussion . Then s elect the Group Set you want to post the discussion to.

  • Setup the availability date and Save & Publish.

When students open the discussion, they will be taken to the Discussions page within their specified project group to complete the assignment.  

As the instructor, you can view each group’s discussion by accessing the groups.


How Students use Group Discussion

Group discussions created by students in their groups cannot be used for grades.  

  1. Navigate to Group Homepage.
    • Go to the global navigation bar and click Groups.  
    • Choose the Group you want to get in.


      2. Create Discussion topics.  

    • Go to Discussions from the navigation bar [1].
    • Create a topic by clicking + Discussion [2].

    • Create a topic and check the boxes in Options if you would like to enable threaded replies, allow liking, add to student to-do list. Then cl ick Save.

    • S ubscribe to a discussion and be notified of replies by clicking subscription button [1].

    • For each discussion, y ou can choose to close for comments, duplicate or delete.