File Locations in Canvas


Canvas offers a variety of ways to store and share files. This page outlines user files, which are not shared with other users; group files, which can be shared amongst members of a group; and course files, which, when published, are visible to all users enrolled in a course. 

User Files

User files are those files that pertain to the instructor such as profile pictures, etc. These are only visible to you unless you choose to use them in other places in Canvas. They can be found by:

  1. In the Canvas global navigation sidebar, select "Account".

  2. Select the link called "Files".

All Files

From this view, you can view your files that you have uploaded into courses, groups, and conversations. Be sure to confirm that files are uploaded to the right location, as user files, unlike course or group files, are not visible to other users.

Group Files

These are the files that will be shared between a group of people. This option is most useful when you need to share files between TAs, other instructors, or for instructor workshops, etc. 

To access these files:

  1. In the Canvas global navigation, click on Groups.

  2. Select the group you want to share files with.

  3. Select the "Files" tab from the left side group navigation menu.

"All My Files" Option

If you want to share existing files in a group, click the "All My Files" link in the bottom right corner of the group files page to access your user files.

Publish Files

All members of the group are able to access and upload files to this group, download files, and delete files.

When uploading a group file, it will automatically be published for the group to view.

Group members, together, have up to 1500 MB of storage space in Canvas.

Course Files

Course files are those that are shared and located in a course for student access. Learn more about organizing and publishing course files here.

To access these files:

  1. Go to Course you want to upload files to.

  2. Click on the "Files" tab located on the course navigation pane. 

  3. Make sure files are published so that students can view them.

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