Removing a Course from Canvas Dashboard


Your Canvas Dashboard displays both active and favorited courses. Active courses are courses that are published and that are within the course start and end dates. Favorited courses are courses you have starred. If you do not want a prior course appearing on your Canvas dashboard, you can unfavorite the course by following the steps below.  

Open Courses List

Go to Canvas Homepage, click on Courses, then click the All Courses link as shown below.  

View All Courses

View Past Enrollments

You may be able to view a list of course you enrolled in the past. If a course in the Past Enrollment list is favorited (or starred), you can click the Star icon to unfavorite it.  

Past Enrollments course list

If a course has ended but still appears on Canvas Dashboard, it is likely missing an end date in the course setting. If you’d like to remove it, please contact your instructor about the issue. As a student, you cannot change the start or end date of the course, your instructor will need to add it.  

You can only favorite courses that are currently active. Courses in the Past Enrollments list cannot be favorited.  

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