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Macmillan Learning is a digital courseware platform designed to foster engaged, active learning in the classroom. It enables instructors to embed enriching content, immersive assessments, and meaningful active learning in Canvas courses through integration. The integration creates a new gradebook column in Canvas for each Macmillan assignment/assessment, allowing instructors to grade in Canvas instead of navigating to a separate platform. Grades are automatically synced between Canvas and Macmillan through the integration. This instruction guides you on how to integrate Macmillan with Canvas.

If you encounter any questions about Macmillan Learning and Canvas integration, please use the link to contact Macmillan Customer Support or browse support articles here:

Enable Macmillan integration in Canvas

  • Navigate to your Canvas course
  • Go to Settings [1] from the course navigation bar.
  • Click Navigation tab [2].

course settings

  • Drag and drop Macmillan Learning tool into the top list.

macmillan learning link

  • Click Save.

Create Macmillan Learning course

  1. Click Macmillan Learning link [1] from the course navigation.
  2. Select Connect with Achieve [2].

connect with achieve

  • Enter your Macmillan credentials and click "Submit"

macmillan login

Select grade sync type

  • Click the Set Up button for the method you'd like to use. 

grade sync type

There are three levels of sync you can choose from that will determine how your Achieve grades will appear in Canvas. The table below shows the capabilities of each level of integration.

Add links to individual Achieve assignments to CanvasYesYesYes
Grade columns in CanvasMultiple, one for each graded assignment in the Achieve course.Multiple, one for each gradebook category in the Achieve course (except Ungraded)One, the student's total grade in the Achieve course
Drop lowest grade(s), weighted categories, or other gradebook calculationsYes, must be set in CanvasYesYes
Due dates and points for individual Achieve assignments appear in CanvasYesNoNo
  • Click "Authorize".

authorize button

  • If you change your mind and want to use a different method later, you can use the Macmillan Grade Sync Level Refresh tool.
    • Navigate to Macmillan Learning link  [1] from your Canvas course navigation menu.
    • Click Macmillan Grade Sync Level Refresh [2].

grade sync level refresh

  • Choose a new grade sync level next to Change level to and click the Refresh Level button. Any links you've added to your course will remain, but they will be handled differently in the gradebook.

change level

Locate your Achieve course

  • Search Achieve course you want to link with Canvas
  • Click Connect Course button.

connect course button

  • Confirm and click Link Course. Click the Link Course button in the window that pops up to confirm your choice. You will then be redirected to your Achieve course.

link course

Adding Achieve content to Canvas

There are two different methods you can use to add content depending on which content you'd like to add:

  1. Method 1 - Use the assign option in Achieve to add items (assigned or unassigned) to Canvas.
  2. Method 2 - Add a single Achieve course homepage or e-book link.

Method 1

Adding assignments from your Achieve course creates a link to those assignments in your Canvas course and allows grades for those assignments to sync with the Canvas gradebook if you are using Assignment-Level Integration. You can also add ungraded or unassigned content to your course using this method. 

  • On the assignment settings screen, a checkbox will be provided to sync the item with Canvas. If the item is assigned, the checkbox will appear below the Student Visibility section.

assignment settings

  • If the item is not assigned or hidden, the checkbox will appear below the Access Settings options.

student access

  • When you check the box, you will be required to select a module to sync to in Canvas or Create a new module. Items must be in a module to sync to Canvas.
     student access-2
  • Once you've saved these assignment settings, the item will be added to Canvas. In Achieve, there will be an icon indicating that the item is Synced to Canvas.

sync to canvas

  • If you want to sync multiple items at once, check all items you want to sync [1] , and click the LMS Sync option [2] to go to the LMS Integration tab of the batch assign screen.

LMS sync

  • From this batch assign screen, you can choose to Sync All or Unsync All items at once, as well as Create New Canvas Module. The drop-down menus in the Sync to LMS Module column allow you to choose different modules for each item in the batch.

batch action

  • After indicating you'd like to Sync All to Canvas, you will need to select a Canvas module or create a new module. After selecting the module, click the Save button in the Sync to LMS window. You can then adjust the selected module in the individual drop-down menus if some of the items need to be in different modules.
     choose canvas module
  • Click Save again at the upper right of the Batch Update screen to save your assignment settings.
  • Once you've saved these assignment settings, the item will be added to Canvas. In Achieve, there will be an icon indicating that the item is Synced to Canvas.
  • Publish items in Canvas.

Adding links to e-book snippets

If you add an individual e-book snippet to Canvas, students will only see that portion of the e-book when they click the link. They will not be able to continuously scroll through the entire e-book. If you would like to give students the option to navigate through the e-book, add a single link to the entire Achieve e-book as shown under Method 2.

Method 2

  • You can't use Method 2 to add Achieve assignment links like you can with Method 1.
  • The option to add these homepage and e-book links is not available when using Method 1.
  • Method 2 can be used alongside Method 1 to add both items from your Achieve course and Achieve homepage/e-book links, or it can be used alone if you're only adding Achieve homepage/e-book links to your Canvas course.

This method is used to add a link to your Achieve course homepage and/or entire e-book to your Canvas course. If your Achieve course includes an e-book, you can add the Achieve E-book link to take students directly to the e-book within Achieve. Students can also access the e-book through the Achieve Home or Student Registration - Start Here links.

  • Click Macmillan Learning in the Canvas course navigation menu, then click Macmillan Content.

content button

  • Links to course homepage, e-book, and student registration.

external links

You can add the following links to your Canvas course:

  • Achieve Home
  • Achieve E-book
  • Student Registration - Start Here

Both the Achieve Home and Student Registration - Start Here links will take students to their Achieve course homepage. Clicking on one of these links, or any other Achieve content item link in Canvas, will initiate the registration process for the student.

Currently, using one of these links is the only way for students to access the Achieve course homepage from Canvas. They will not be able to navigate to the homepage from other Achieve assignments added to Canvas.

  • Select items and click Next: Choose Location.

select items to create links

  • Choose location.

select locations

Achieve homepage and e-book links must be added to a module.

There are three options for selecting Canvas modules for these items:

  1. Select a pre-existing Canvas module from the Choose a Module [1] drop-down.
  2. Select Choose Multiple Modules [2] to add items to different modules. 
  3. Click Create New Module [3] to create a new Canvas module. Once the new module is created, use options 1 or 2 in this list to add items to it.
  • When you have made your selection, click Deploy Selected Content.

deploy selected content

  • Close the confirmation tab to return to Canvas.

close the tab

  • Publish the link in Canvas.

publish button in canvas

Gradebook items will have assignment icons and non-gradebook items will have chain link icons.

assignment icons in canvas

Important notes about grade sync

Students must connect their Canvas and Achieve accounts for their grades to sync with the Canvas gradebook. Please provide the student instruction to your students by placing a link to it in your Canvas course, e-mailing it to students, or reviewing it on the first day of class: Register Macmillan Learning via Canvas -  for Students.

Manual grade sync

Achieve grades will sync automatically but not instantaneously. It may take several hours for new grades to sync. If you need to see new grades in Canvas right away, perform a grade refresh.

  • Click Macmillan Learning link [1] from your Canvas course navigation bar.
  • Click Macmillan Grade Refresh [2]

grade refresh

Canvas assignment and course settings

Edit the Achieve assignment in Canvas and clear any Until Dates. Any Achieve items with Until Dates will have grade sync turned off. Please use assignment settings in the Achieve course to restrict how long a student can complete an assignment after the due date.

Grades appear

For Assignment-Level Integration, as soon as a grade appears in your Achieve gradebook, it will be passed to Canvas during the next automatic or manual grade sync.

  • Grades will appear in the Achieve gradebook according to the In-Progress Work gradebook setting, which controls whether grades appear for in-progress work or only after the due date has passed. Please note that if you have your Achieve gradebook configured to only show grades after the due date passes, grades for assignments completed prior to the due date will not appear in the Achieve or Canvas gradebook, which may confuse students. Make sure to be transparent about your grading policy so your students know not to expect to see the grade until after the due date.

in-progress work

  • Assessments with a Test/Quiz grading policy will always have the grades hidden from students until after the due date.
    • With a Test/Quiz grading policy, students will:

      • Have only one attempt to answer the question.
      • See the solutions for the questions only after the entire assignment is complete.
      • Not have access to resources like the e-book for help.

For Category or Course-Level Integration, in-progress work is never included in the grade shown in Canvas. The totals shown in Canvas reflect only the scores earned for assignments that have due dates in the past.

Changing due dates or point values

If you wish to set due dates and/or points for any Achieve items, you must do so in Achieve and not in Canvas. During an automated grade sync, manual grade refresh, or content refresh, due dates or points set in Canvas will either be replaced with the due dates and points from Achieve or cause the grade sync to fail entirely.

After changing due dates or points in the Achieve course, perform a content refresh [2] to make the same changes appear for the corresponding items added to Canvas.

content refresh

Changing grades

If you wish to manually enter or edit grades for student assignments, you must do so in Achieve and not in Canvas. During an automated grade sync or manual grade refresh, grades set in Canvas will be replaced with the grades from Achieve.

Change grades in the Achieve course, then perform a grade refresh to make the same changes appear for the corresponding items added to Canvas.

Gradebook categories

Gradebook categories set in Achieve will not create corresponding gradebook categories in Canvas (Assignment Groups), but each gradebook category can be synced to a gradebook column using Category-level integration.

Learn more about Gradebook categories in Achieve:

Gradebook calculations

For Assignment-Level Integration, gradebook calculations like dropping lowest scores or weighted percentages do not transfer from Achieve and must only be set in Canvas
For Category or Course-Level Integration, the totals shown in Canvas reflect any dropped scores or weighted percentages set in Achieve.   

If you have any items assigned in Achieve as Extra Credit, the grade calculation for those items will not automatically transfer to Canvas, but can be set up by following the instructions in the help article Deep integration: Make an item extra credit in your LMS

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