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This is a tool for instructors to check the accessibility of the courses in Canvas. If you have one or more students who cannot access some content in your course, this checklist may help you solve the problem.

Making Assignments Available to Students

If one or more students are unable to view or access an assignment here are a few steps you can take to ensure that everything is configured correctly. 

Confirm Existing Assignment

In Course Navigation, click the Assignments [1]. Then the assignment is listed on the Assignments page [2].

assignment link

Confirm Assignment Status

Assignment is published [1].

published assignment

Review Assignment Details

Click the assignment name, and click the Edit button.

edit button


Did you set availability dates?

Yes. Check Step 2. and then go to the next section of "Review Assign to Fields".

No. Go to the next section of "Review Assign to Fields".

Step 2. 

All dates are not before or past the assignment availability date range.

Review Assign to Fields

By default, Canvas assigns new assignments to all students enrolled in your course. But you can assign assignments to a specific group or section.


Did you specified a group or section in the Assign to field?

Yes. Check Step 3. and then go to the next section of "Confirm Module Status".

No. Go to the next section of "Confirm Module Status".

Step 3. 

The students who cannot access the assignment are properly enrolled in a section or assigned in a group [1].

For this step, you need to click the People link from the course navigation bar and check the group's enrollment.

assign to fieldpeople link

Confirm Module Status

If you use Module, the Module and Module items are marked as published.

published module

You can use this checklist for other components in Canvas that one or more students cannot access, such as Pages, Quizzes, and Files... if you use Module, confirm both overall Module and the Module items are marked as published. If only one of the two is published, the students will not be able to see all of the content.

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