Transition Active Canvas Courses to Access Pearson LTI 1.3

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You can transition an active Canvas course from MyLab and Mastering (LTI 1.1) to Access Pearson (LTI 1.3). Active Canvas courses refer to the courses with students enrolled, assignment links have been synced and deployed. You may also have graded MyLab and Mastering LTI 1.1 assignments in Canvas. This instruction will guide you to have a smooth transition to Access Pearson LTI 1.3 for active Canvas courses. If you copied a course but not activated it yet, the instruction : Transition a Copied of a Previous Course from MyLab & Mastering LTI 1.1 to Access Pearson LTI 1.3 will guide you to transfer from MyLab and Mastering LTI 1.1 to Access Pearson LTI 1.3.

Preserve student work


For active Canvas courses, students may be already enrolled and have completed work in your MyLab or Mastering course, you need to use the Pearson gradebook to export their grades. The data you export goes into a .csv (comma separated values) file, which can be opened in a spreadsheet application or imported into a different gradebook, such as Canvas gradebook. For instructions, select your platform:

Export MyLab scores (7 steps for a quick export)

  • If you want to learn more about MyLab's gradebook, please check this video:  Use the gradebook

Export Mastering scores (video)

Disable grade sync for the old integration

If grade sync has already been set up, you need to turn automatic grade sync off. This prevents new or duplicate grade items from being created in your Canvas by grade sync from the original MyLab or Mastering course. 

How to turn automatic grade sync off

  • Navigate to your Canvas course.
  • Click MyLab and Mastering tool from the course navigation bar.

  • Select Grade Sync.
  • Select off for Automatic Grade Sync.

From your Canvas course, do the following. (You don't need to change your MyLab or Mastering course.)

  • Assignment links: Assignment links are automatically migrated to the new course when you transition to Access Pearson and don’t need to be deleted from your course.

  • Course tool links: Delete any course tool links, including MyLab and Mastering Course Home, MyLab Skills, and Study Area, before you add the Access Pearson integration to your course.

Delete the old course association

Create a copied course in MyLab & Mastering

  • Create an unpaired course copy of the MyLab or Mastering course at by selecting "Yes, copy this course" option.

  • Note the course ID of the copied course to use when pairing the course with the Access Pearson LTI 1.3 integration.
  • After you receive the confirmation email saying the copy of the original course has been successfully created, delete the course pairing for MyLab and Mastering from diagnostics.

How to delete the course pairing

  • Click Mylab and Mastering link from Canvas course navigation bar.
  • Select the Help & Support tab.

  • Select Get Diagnostics.

  • Under Course Information, select Delete MyLab & Mastering course and association with course.
  • You cannot undo this action, so read the details carefully.

  • Enter DELETE in the box and then select Yes, delete course association.

  • Refresh the page.


When you unpair courses, grades are automatically deleted from your MyLab or Mastering course. Any work and grades for enrolled students are lost. So please make sure you have followed the steps of preserve student work in this instruction to export student grades.

Remove the old integration tool and enable Access Pearson LTI 1.3 in Canvas

Remove or hide the MyLab and Mastering (LTI 1.1) tool to access the old MyLab or Mastering course, so students don't use it.

How to disable MyLab and Mastering LTI 1.1 and enable Access Pearson LTI 1.3

  • Go to Settings [1] from the Canvas course navigation bar.
  • Click Navigation [2] tab.

  • Drag and drop MyLab and Mastering link to the disable items group.
  • Drag and drop Access Pearson link to the enable items group.

Pair a copy of your course using Access Pearson

Now you have removed the old integrated MyLab and Mastering course from student access and made an unpaired copy of your MyLab and Mastering course and enabled Access Pearson LTI 1.3 in Canvas. In this step, you need to pair the copy of that course with Access Pearson integration.


You must use the new Access Pearson link in Canvas to open and pair your MyLab & Mastering courses. At this step, all prior assignment links, course tool, or eText link in Canvas should be delete and MyLab & Mastering link should be removed from Canvas already.

  • Authorization message: When you select the Access Pearson link, you may see an authorization prompt. For the transition to Access Pearson to succeed and to automatically migrate your assignment links to the new course, you must select Authorize.
  • Find and select the copied course you have created previously.
  •  Course ID: To copy the original course, enter the course ID you noted earlier.
  • If you want students to enroll in the course, select Student-use Course.

  • Select Create course.

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