TechSmith Fuse

Table of Contents

Get photos and videos from your mobile device into TechSmith Relay.  Import existing photos or videos, or capture new ones using the app's built-in camera.  You can also draw freehand on images and send them to TechSmith Relay.

Download the App

System Requirements

Mobile Requirements

Connecting to TechSmith Relay 

To download the TechSmith Fuse app, your mobile device must meet these requirements.

  • iOS: version 7+
  • Android: version 4.0+ 
  • Windows: version 8.1+ and Windows RT

To connect to TechSmith Relay, you must meet the requirements below.

  • You need an active instance of TechSmith Relay to send content from TechSmith Fuse
  • TechSmith Fuse can only upload over a WiFi connection
  • TechSmith Fuse must be on the same network as TechSmith Relay
  • More TechSmith Relay system requirements

Configure the App

  1. Log into with your SPU Username and Password.
  2. Select Download Recorder.
  3. Open the App and take new video or select the existing videos you'd like to upload.
  4. Select Share -> TechSmith Relay -> Connect to TechSmith Relay.
  5. Scan the bar code that appeared on the Download Recorder page with the app.

Upload Videos

  1. Record new videos via the Fuse application or via the Camera application installed on your phone.
  2. In the Fuse Application, locate the video you want to upload and select Share-> TechSmith Relay.
  3. Log into to view your videos and Manage TechSmith Relay Videos.