Manage TechSmith Relay Videos

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Log into your profile to manage your videos (delete, share, add Quizzing or view Analytics) and obtain a link or code for embedding the video into programs such as PowerPoint.  From this menu, you can rename videos, choose who and how to share the video, add quizzing (questions that open during the video), view the results of the quiz and see who's completed the video.


To share a video, there are two icons to select.  The first is the group icon on the right-side, that allows you to select who can access the video.  

The icon on the left determines how the video will be shared with the intended audience.

Keep in mind, if you allow Anyone with the link to access the video and would like to view quiz results,
you may not see which specific users provided answers during quizzing or watched the video in the Analytics section.


Quizzing allows you to insert questions throughout your video that individuals can respond to while watching.  The video will pause when the question pops up on the screen.  

Select the Quizzing icon at the bottom of the video you want to edit and create the questions you would like to insert. 

Questions cannot be moved once you've selected a time stamp.

To edit or view the quiz results later, select the Quizzing icon under the video you're editing and click the appropriate links.  You may also remove any quizzes previously setup.  

Keep in mind that you will lose any responses previously connected when you edit or remove the quiz. 



View who's completed the video and watched it completely. This will only show users who have logged in.


To obtain a CSV export of the quiz results, view the responses, and who responded, select View results under the Quizzing icon.  Quiz Results will also be emailed at the end of the work day, when there is new data to report.  

Quiz Results - SummaryQuiz Results - ViewerQuiz Results - Question ResponsesSample Email Report