Panopto Tips

Some useful tips:

Tips for video presentation

  • Place your camera at just slightly above eye level

  • Optimize your lighting

  • Mind your back(ground)

  • Relax!

Easy tips to improve your lecture recordings

  • Stay within your camera’s field of vision -  It’s easy to forget that you’ll need to stay within the camera frame.

  • Consider a wireless microphone. 

  • Repeat questions - When your students ask questions, be sure to repeat the question clearly so that your online viewers can understand what was asked

  • Capturing a chalkboard or whiteboard - If you use chalkboard or whiteboard during your lecture, you’ll need to pay special attention. Viewers should  be able to clearly see what you’ve written. 

Tips for capturing PowerPoint in video presentation recordings

  • Go Big for the Small ScreenFor your presentation to reach this audience, you need to go enlarge your fonts.

  1. Make font size 24 or higher

  2. Choose flat or minimally-styled graphics

  3. One idea per slide is best

  4. Images should fill two-thirds of the screen 

  5. Contrast is key.

  • Record Animation. Share still slides (In order to record your animation - capture main screen or second screen and project your PPT there, it will capture your animations, instead of selecting capture PowerPoint under "Secondary Sources")

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