Editing Panopto Videos



When editing videos, it is essential to keep the video content updated and free of errors.  Panopto allows you to edit uploaded videos without losing the original copy.  Videos can also be merged together, which may be needed when recordings are made using two different computers to capture audio, video, PowerPoint, and screen capture– but the recordings are not recorded in the same session.  

Editing Videos

  1. In order to start editing your video, open it and press the edit button (Fig. 1).

    Figure 1

  2. The video editor will open and you will be able to make the following changes     

  3. When you have finished making changes to your video, click to save and publish the edited video. 

In the process of editing, if you make a mistake press the "Undo" button , or press Ctrl+Z or Command+Z. 

Change the Title

Press the Settings icon  on the top right of the screen. In the Overview section, click Edit next to the title, change the name, and click Save

Trimming the Video

See images to the right.

  1. In order to perform this feature, use the Timeline that is located in the lower half of the Panopto screen, as shown on the right of this page (Fig.2). If you have multiple media sources, you will see them lined up in this timeline and indications for Primary Sources (P1) and Secondary Sources (S1) and Slides (SL). 

     Figure 2

  2. Press the Trim Icon  to start trimming. When you click on it , a dark gray line will appear on both ends of the video (Fig 3)

    Figure 3

  3. Play your video from the beginning and pause it right before you'd like it to start. Select the cut tool and click and drag the gray line to trim out the section of the video (Fig 4)Note: The gray line will snap into position with the red one, this will allow you to be more precise with your cuts. 

    Figure 4

  4. Perform the same steps to cut out the end of the video, and you can click and drag in the middle of the timeline to trim those sections as well (Fig 5).

    Figure 5

  5. Click Apply to save your changes (Fig 6).

    Figure 6

Cut sections will always appear in the timeline but will not playback in the Panopto viewer once you publish your changes. That is because Panopto's editor is non-destructive, and we always want to make sure you are able to re-add those sections back into your video at any time if necessary.

Add an Entry (formerly known as Chapters)

Table of contents (TOC) are auto-generated if your video has a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation. However, if you wish to edit them or add new entries, follow the steps:

  1. In the editor, select the Content tab on the left.

  2. Select the exact spot as the red line or a location on the timeline where you would like to add the entry. 

  3. Enter a title for the entry in the Content field.

 Adding a web link when editing a TOC entry will embed a website into your video. If you want to add a link without embedding a website, you can add it as the title of the TOC entry. The link will be clickable when your changes are published.

Upload a Custom Thumbnail

  1. From the Video Library, hover over the video you want to add custom thumbnail. Select Settings among the options. 


    From the Panopto Editor, in the upper right hand corner, select the Setting icon to open the setting window. 


  2.  On the Overview tab of the Settings window, select Edit to the right of the Preview image.

  3. Select Choose file to open the file finder and select the image you want to use as the custom preview image. Once added, select Save.

  4. The new preview image will now appear for the video.

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