Captioning Panopto Videos


Captions benefit all learners.  By taking the time to caption your videos now, it will also lessen the need for students to receive specific accommodations later.  

Why Should I Caption?

  • Captions improve comprehension of a subject for all learners

  • Captions can be read by people who benefit from seeing and hearing words together such as people with certain learning disabilities, or visual learners, or English language learners

  • Captions provide access where sound isn't allowed, such as labs without speakers or compensate for noisy backgrounds or for poor audio quality.

  • Captions can help clarify when a person is unfamiliar with the subject terminology or the pronunciation of certain words

  • Captions are searchable, allowing people to search media files for a topic of interest

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Captions

Panopto gives users the ability to add ASR generated captions to videos.  Since these are machine-generated captions, they are not the same as human transcription, users should review and revise the captions to ensure accuracy.  Captions are normally generated within 8 hours of the request, but for longer videos > 1hr, it may take up to one day for captions to be generated.

Add New Captions

Follow the instructions below to add ASR captions to your videos.

  1. Locate the video you want to add captions to in Panopto and press Edit.

  2. Select Captions from the left-hand menu in the editor section and click the Import captions drop-down menu.

    1. If NO captions exist, choose Import automatic captions.

    2. If captions DO exist, choose Replace with automatic captions.


Edit Captions

Now that your captions are generated, it's time to review!

  1. Locate the video you want to review and press Edit.

  2. Select Captions from the left-hand menu.

  3. Locate the time-stamped caption you want to change and click three dots → Edit

  4. You may also delete a caption at this time by selecting the trash can icon instead.

  5. Continue making changes to the captions as needed.

  6. Press the Publish button in the top-right hand corner of the editor to make your changes available.

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