Create Captioned Video Content in TechSmith Relay


Use captioned videos, even in the absence of an accommodation request from a student. Video captions can help students of all abilities increase their comprehension of the content and improve vocabulary. In addition, students may have the need to watch videos in noisy environments. Below you'll find details on adding and syncing captions manually via TechSmith Relay.  

Caption Videos in TechSmith Relay

  1. Once you are logged into your TechSmith Relay account, click on the video you wish to add captions to.

  2. Click on "Closed Captioning" below the video.

  3. You will have the option to either generate captions or add captions manually. Generating captions usually takes half the duration of the video.

  4. If you choose to generate captions, you will receive an email to review and edit the captions before they are published.

  5. To publish captions, you will need to open the Caption Editor and select the captions you wish to include with the video.


The default duration for a caption is four seconds. This typically allows enough time for about 1.5 lines of text. To change the default duration:

  1. Go to Tools -> Options
  2. In the Default duration (seconds) section, locate Captions and change the time accordingly.

Additionally, if your caption exceeds three lines, the text will change to red and a button, called "Split" will appear. Use the button to move all the red text to a new caption immediately after the current one.


Editing Captions in Existing Videos

  1. To edit captions you have already published for a video, first open the page of the video that you wish to edit.
  2. Click on "Edit Captions" below the video.
  3. You will then be able to edit captions and republish the video.

Additional Information

The TechSmith Relay website contains additional video guides and instructions regarding captions.