Submiting a Panopto Video Assignment in Canvas


It's important to follow the steps below to properly submit a Panopto video in Canvas.  Otherwise, your instructor may not be able to view your video and you will need to take extra steps to Share your Panopto Videos


In Canvas make sure your Canvas Assignments is setup with the Submission Type as "Online" and choose "Text Entry."

How to Submit your Video

  1. Log into Canvas with your SPU Username and Password.

  2. Go to your Course and Assignment that you need to submit your video to.

  3. Choose Submit Assignment (or Resubmit if applicable).

  4. Locate and select the plug icon in the list of editing tools across the top of the text entry box.

  5. Choose Panopto from the list of additional tools and a new window will open.

  6. You have choices

    1. if your video is already uploaded to Panopto select it

    2. if you have your video recorded elsewhere, use the middle window to upload a video file

    3. or launch the recorder to create your own video at this time..

  7. Insert your video in the canvas page. 

    1. If you need to submit multiple videos, repeat step 4 - 7.

  8. Click the Submit button to submit your work.

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