Using Panopto Mobile

The Panopto app allows students to record Panopto videos on their personal devices. 

For alternate submission methods using Panopto, see Panopto Capture

This wiki is recommended for students only. 

Step-by-step guide

How to use the Panopto mobile app

  1. Download the app from your device's app store, and open it. Once open, the app will request your “site”. Type in your SPU email.

  2. An SPU login window will pop up, requesting you to login with your SPU email and password. After verifying that you are the owner of the account, Panopto will then open to your Home page.

  3. Your homepage features 'Your videos', the videos you are Currently Watching, 'New' videos in your SPU community, and 'Featured Videos'.

    Uploading into Canvas

    Generally, students should use whichever app they are most comfortable with for recording a video. The Panopto app is primarily recommended for uploading and storing videos for submission into Canvas.

  4. To upload a video, select the circular “+” button, located at the bottom right of your screen. 

    1. A window will pop up, allowing you to choose what type of upload you would like to submit: 'Record a video', 'Upload media', and 'Join an existing recording'.

    2. If selecting 'Record a video', Panopto's camera view will open. Pressing the stop button will automatically start a preview of your recorded video and have two options pop up; to retake your video or to select Done. Selecting Done will upload your video.
      1. Students can pick your front facing camera or your rear facing camera to record from. Select the center red button to begin your recording.
    3. If selecting 'Documents', your video files that are stored on your phone will pop up with two options: your “Recent” tab or to browse videos from your iCloud Drive.
  5. If selecting “Upload media”, a new window will pop up with two options to select videos from, your device’s Media Library and your device’s Documents.
    1. If you select “Media Library”, your video album in your photo’s app will pop up. This will allow you to select a video directly from your photo’s app if that is where you have your video recorded and stored.

For More Information

Go to the Panopto Help page for more information on uploading video content with the Panopto mobile app.