Panopto System Requirements


Creating videos in Panopto is straightforward and simple.  The videos are created with a desktop client and then uploaded to Panopto where videos can be edited, captioned, and integrated into your Canvas course.

System Requirements

Panopto for Windows

  • Operating System - Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit) NET 4.7.2+, and Windows 11. 

  • Supported Browsers - Panopto supports the latest versions of Chrome, Edge (Chromium-based), Firefox, and Safari.

  • Memory - 4GB RAM

  • Storage - Standard Quality: 135MB per hour. High Quality: 540MB per hour

  • Applications -  Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 and above (only if recording presentations).
    Note: Some custom fonts may not be supported. When installed locally, Office 365 is also compatible with Panopto. 

  • Video Devices Supported - USB webcams, DV/CAT5/analog camcorders. HDMI and VGA capture devices. Analog video devices that output S-Video or composite AV. Digital pen tablets and whiteboards

  • Audio Devices Supported - Wired and wireless microphones (using the computer’s mic jack). USB audio devices (such as the Blue Yeti USB or component to USB). Audio devices that use a PC AV capture card

Panopto for Mac

  • OS Version

macOS 13


macOS 11

macOS 10.15

macOS 10.14





Not Supported

  • Hardware -
    Standard Quality: Any Mac hardware, which any of the supported OS versions runs.  
    High Quality: Any Mac hardware, which any of the supported OS versions runs and has Intel Core i7 or Apple M1 (or later) CPU. This includes a Primary audio and video stream and a single secondary video (screen capture)

  • Considerations for Ultra Quality and two secondary videos: Since environmental variables such as CPU speed, system bus bandwidth, and additional applications running affect the available system resources, it is highly recommended that you perform tests when increasing quality on a particular machine prior to using it in production.

  • Memory - 8GB RAM

  • Storage - Standard Quality: 2GB per hour. High Quality: 4GB per hour

  • Other - FaceTime HD camera (built-in camera on Mac) or  USB ports for webcams or other recording devices.

  • Processor - Standard Quality: Intel Core i3 or Core M recommended - Default Setting. High or Ultra Quality: Quad-Core Intel Core i7 recommended. Panopto for Mac 5.0 is expected to work on most Mac systems running Mac OSX version 10.11. 

Note: Panopto for Mac is not supported on Apple computers running a 32-bit CPU architecture.

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