Using Panopto Capture

This web browser allows students to record Panopto videos on the web browser of their personal computers, without requiring students to download the app.

This wiki is recommended for student use. 

Step-by-step guide

How to use Panopto Capture

  1. Go to and select the mySPU button in the top right corner of the web page.

  2. Select the Students tab, the second tab to the right of the menu, and scroll down to Panopto. Select Panopto and log in with your SPU credentials.

    1. This will take you to your Panopto account homepage where you will see your featured videos.

  3. To create a video, select the Create button, located in the top center of your screen. A list of options will pop up. Select 'Panopto Capture' record in browser (the second option).

  4. When you select Panopto Capture, a new window will open. 

    1. This new window will show a green bar across the top of the webpage, your camera view, a large red button in the lower center, and a settings button on the bottom right side of the screen.

  1. To choose which microphone you would like to use for your video, select Microphone Icon and 'Audio' button, located in the left button of the green bar.
  2. If you have multiple cameras and would like to choose one to record from, select the Video Icon and 'Video' button, located in the center of the green bar.
    1. Your camera options will then pop up, allowing you to select the proper camera from which to record.

  1. If you have multiple monitors in use, the 'Entire Screen' option will allow you to select which screen you would like to record for your Panopto video.
  2. If you have multiple applications running, the 'Application Window' option will allow you to select an application to record with, without requiring you to show your entire screen.

    1. Selecting a screen to record will move the recording of your camera to a smaller window, typically along the bottom right side of your screen. Your shared screen and your camera view will still be visible on your window.

      1. If the browser you are using is Chrome, the 'Chrome Tab' option will allow you to record your Panopto monitor screen with one of the Chrome tabs you have already opened.

If Screen-Sharing Chrome Tab

On the 'Chrome tab' you have opted to share with, you will be notified on that tab that you are sharing that content with ‘’. If you would like to stop sharing, select the blue Stop button, which is located below the search bar of your browser.

  1. To start your recording, select the center red button, located on the bottom bar of your screen. A countdown will start from 5 seconds and then your video will start recording.
  2. To stop your recording, simply re-select the red button. Upon stopping, you will be able to add a description, edit your video, view your video, share and manage access to the video, as well as to redo/record a new video

For More Information

For more details on microphone access, camera and screen options, go to