Panopto has replaced TechSmith Relay as the supported lecture capture system. 

Panopto allows users to easily record their screen and/or self and additional camera inputs on their computer then upload and stream the content from an online location.  It is the SPU supported tool for lecture capture.

Some additional Panopto features: allow users to easily generate captioned videos using automatic speech recognition technology, index videos for improved searching, have timed discussions and notes, quizzes that integrate with the Canvas Gradebook, and setup a livestream.  Panopto is also integrated with Canvas, so videos can be embedded into course content pages, discussions, assignments, or quizzes, or inserted as an item into a module group.

This software is available to all current faculty, staff, and students at SPU.

If this is your first time using Panopto, we recommend you watching the following Panopto 101 workshop video below and start with Creating Panopto Videos.

In the following Panopto workshop video, we covered the basics of Panopto, including examples of how to use Panopto in teaching, compared Zoom to Panopto, explained how to access Panopto, install the Panopto recorder app, share Panopto videos with your Canvas course, and discussed other sharing permissions.

Panopto Workshop Video