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If students have already made submissions to a quiz in Canvas and changes are made to the quiz, this will, in some cases, trigger an automatic regrade. This page outlines the cases in which a re-grade is possible and outlines options for manual regarding when this is not possible.

Automatic Regrade

A quiz can be regarded if changes are made to the following question types:

Under the following conditions:

  • the quiz was not linked to a question bank
  • questions were not added or deleted from the quiz

Regrade Options

Canvas offers four options for automatic regrades: "award points for both corrected and previously correct answers (no scores will be reduced)", "only award points for the correct answer (some student's scores may be reduced)", "give everyone full credit for this question", and "update question without regarding", shown below. Follow this tutorial for more detail on regrading options.

Manual Regrade

If a quiz does not meet the above conditions, you can still regrade your quiz manually by one of the following methods:

Regrade Changed Question

If you make changes to a quiz question that is not a multiple choice, fill in the blank, or multiple answer question, you can manually regrade that question in Speedgrader

From Speedgrader:

  1. Select the settings icon for the assignment, choose "Grade by question", and hit "Save Settings".
    grade by question settings option
  2. Select the number of the question you want to manually grade from the number bar across the top of the page.
  3. Return to the student submission list and advance to the next student by clicking the arrow button.
    advance to next student by clicking the arrow icon

Assign Points in the Gradebook

If it is more convenient to enter a manual score for the entire quiz, you can choose not have the quiz score counted towards the final course grade and enter scores manually in the Gradebook instead. To do this:

  1. Go into the settings of the quiz and change the quiz type to either "practice quiz" or "ungraded survey" and save your changes.
  2. Create a new assignment as either "no submission" or "on paper" to create a new column in the Gradebook.
  3. Enter in the correct score for each student in assignment's column in the Gradebook.

Fudge Points

Fudge points can be used to manually add or subtract points from a student's question score, allowing you regrade the question manually. To enter fudge points:

  1. Open the quiz and go to Speedgrader.
  2. Enter a value into the Fudge Points field under the question.
    fudge points text box
  3. Do this for each student by clicking the arrow button.
  4. advance to next student by clicking the arrow icon

Retake Quiz

If none of the above options are applicable for your situation, you can ask that your students retake the entire updated quiz. This will produce an accurate score in Speedgrader, but may cause students some frustration.