Copy a Canvas Quiz or Survey to Another Course

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As an instructor, you can copy individual quizzes in one course directly into any active course in which you are enrolled. When you copy a quiz, any assets within that quiz (images, files, etc.) will be included in your quiz copy. 

Step by Step guide

  1. Go to the Canvas course that you want to copy a quiz or survey from, and click on Quizzes to see a full list of them.  

  2. Click on the three dots on the right side of the quizzes you want to copy from, then choose Copy to …  

  3. Select a Course that you want the selected quiz to be copied to, it's optional to choose which Module the quiz can be copied to, and click Copy.  

  4. After that, go to the Course that you selected to copy the quiz, click on Quizzes and check if the quiz is successfully copied and functioning.  

You can also send quizzes to other instructors at your institution.