President Dinner Room AV


Although this room is a part of Upper Gwinn, it is separate from the Queen Anne and Cascade rooms. This dining room on the north side of the building offers a single projector system with two speakers, similar to a standard classroom. However, there is not an in-house PC, such that users need to provide their own laptop as the media input.

AV Components

  • Projector

  • 2 wall-mounted speakers

  • Wall-mounted touch controller

  • HDMI wall plate for laptop connection


The PDR can be easily configured by users on their own by connecting their laptop to the HDMI wall connection and selecting the input on the touch panel.

BOT: if this room is being utilized during the Board of Trustees and you need it configured by CIS, please ensure to reach out to the HelpDesk at least a few days in advance with your specific request.