Demaray Hall 150

As DH150 was upgraded summer of 2023, this page is an informational outline of the new features. 

Below is a video guide on how to control the room AV.


Projector: replaced with a much brighter model.

Microphones: There are new microphones that will live in this space and have their own set of speakers–these are the ceiling-mounted speakers. There are seven total: 4 handhelds, 2 belt packs/lavalier, and 1 podium/gooseneck. There is also a Mics Only Mode on the touch panel if a user only needs this system for an event. Each microphone has its own volume level control on the touch panel, and there is a master microphone volume level control. The individual mic levels can be configured before an event, so even if you power off the system, the individual mic levels will remain the same–only the master mic level will default to a lower volume when the system is powered back on. 

Speakers: New ceiling speakers for the microphone system and new front speakers for the podium input audio (PC, laptop, and Blu-Ray). 

Blu-Ray: New Blu-Ray player, with controls directly on the touch panel. There will also be a physical remote provided. 

Touch Panel: Replaced the physical button touch panel that was under the desk with a digital screen that is on top of the desk. This is the only control system that users will need to touch to control the whole room (besides the wall-mounted screen up/down control). 

iPad: This will act as a secondary touch panel, such that you can move around the room and have a mobile control. To use this as a control, simply open the iPad and navigate to the Extron Control application. 

Touch Panel/iPad Tutorial