Upper Gwinn AV


Upper Gwinn is a flexible event space with two primary rooms that can be combined or split depending on the needs of each event: Queen Anne room (QA) and Cascade room (CA). The space includes a foyer and a meeting room called the President's Dining Room (PDR). Each of the rooms in Upper Gwinn contains a configurable AV system that can match the combined or split modes of the physical space. The system was completely overhauled in December 2016 and January 2017 and now features modern audio and video capabilities while retaining the original system's functionality with the exception of AV connectivity to the President's Dining Room (PDR). Click here for more information on the PDR AV System.


Reserving Upper Gwinn

Upper Gwinn needs to be reserved in advance for events and related services through the following departments:

Event Reservations

  • SPU Events can be reserved 9 or 12 months in advance through Conference Services via conferenceservices@spu.edu.
  • External non-SPU Events can be reserved 6 months in advance through Conference Services via conferenceservices@spu.edu.
  • The President's Dining Room can only be reserved for approved use through the Office of the President and Office of the Provost. Contact them at provost@spu.edu or president@spu.edu.

Catering services can be reserved through SPU's official campus food supply partner Sodexo Catering Services.

AV support services are available from the CIS Help Desk. Click here for more information on AV Support


Use Cases

Upper Gwinn contains an integrated self-serve AV system designed primarily for speaking engagements, dinners, and meetings. The included equipment was carefully selected and designed for success in the following event types:

  • Lectures and speeches.
  • Dining events.
  • Meetings.
  • Q & A Sessions.

The AV equipment cannot fully support events with live music components. Events that require instrument inputs, a mixing board, or a musician's monitor system will need to hire an outside AV vendor to support their live music components. For recommendations on outside vendors, contact the CIS Help Desk at help@spu.edu.



The CIS Help Desk offers training for SPU students, faculty, and staff in Upper Gwinn. Training must be requested at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled event. Training inquiries can be sent to help@spu.edu.


AV Components

Podium - 1 for Queen Anne and 1 for Cascade. Each podium includes:

  • Touch panel for system control.
  • Computer.
  • Laptop input (HDMI + Adapters).
  • Blu-Ray player (which can also play DVD's).
  • Drawers for microphone storage.

Wireless microphones shared between both Queen Anne and Cascade rooms:

  • 6 wireless handheld transmitters with microphones.
  • 2 wireless beltpack transmitters with lapel microphones.

Built-In AV Components in Queen Anne and Cascade:

  • 2 Laser HD projectors and 2 electric drop-down projector screens; 1 of each for Queen Anne and 1 of each for Cascade.
  • 28 ceiling speakers dispersed throughout the combined Queen Anne and Cascade rooms.
  • Inputs dispersed throughout the combined Queen Anne and Cascade rooms:
    • 11 wired microphone inputs.
    • 5 AUX audio inputs.
    • 3 HDMI inputs.
  • 3 audio outputs for cameras or recording systems.

Built-In AV Components in the Foyer:

  • 4 Ceiling speakers.
  • 2 Wired microphone inputs.
  • 1 AUX audio input.

In addition, the following components can be reserved for event use via CIS' AV Checkout System.

  • iPad for wireless control of the AV system. There are two iPads which can both be used if the system is in split mode. The iPads mirror the control system of the touch panel.
  • Earset microphone to be used with either wireless beltpack transmitter. 


Combined Mode vs. Split Mode

The AV system can be started in combined or split mode based on the physical configuration of the room. When in combined mode, the system acts as a single system and when in split mode, the AV system functions as two separate systems. Keep in mind the following behavior that will differ between the two modes.

 Combined ModeSplit Mode
  • Both projectors display the same image based on the selected input.
  • The Cascade Room's podium and corresponding inputs are not available for use.
  • Each projector displays separate video based on the selected input on each podium.
  • Both sets of podium inputs can be selected independently of the other.
  • All audio is projected via both Queen Anne and Cascade speakers.
  • All wireless handheld and belt pack microphones are available for use.
  • All wired microphone inputs are available for use.
  • Speakers are split based on which physical room they are in. Audio is send through the corresponding speakers for that room.
  • Wired microphone inputs physically located in the Queen Anne or Cascade rooms are only available for use in the corresponding room.
  • Wireless handheld and belt pack microphones are split between the two rooms but can be configured to "move" to the other room depending on each room's needs.  
Room Functions
  • All lights, shades, and blackouts are controlled from the same group buttons.
  • Lights, shades, and blackout group buttons are split into each individual room. Control is achievable from each room's corresponding podium or iPad.


Advanced Capabilities

For more information regarding the Upper Gwinn AV System, see one of the following pages.

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