Display Kiosks


Some departments have Kiosks machines that only display media content, such as a PowerPoint Presentation or a video.  Information on how to make your presentation or video file display properly can be found in this article.  Please note, this only applies to Kiosk machines that are managed by CIS.  If you are interested in utilizing these methods for displaying content please contact the CIS HelpDesk at help@spu.edu

Updating a Presentation

  1. A folder named Presentation is located on the Desktop and contains a file named live.pptx

  2. Delete the file live.pptx and copy your new presentation file to the Presentation folder
  3. Rename your file so that it appears as live.pptx
  4. Restart the computer

Using a Video File

  1. Copy the video file to the Presentation folder located on the Desktop
  2. Create a new Powerpoint file and click the Insert tab
  3. Click on the Video icon and select Video on My PC
  4. Navigate to the Desktop, select Presentation, and then select your file
  5. Click on the video in your presentation and click on the Playback tab
  6. Click on the drop down next to Start and change from On Click to Automatically
  7. Click on Play Full Screen and Loop until Stopped

Setting up Your Presentation

  1. Make sure each slide automatically progresses to the next (except for videos).  This is found on the Transitions tab under Advance Slide and must be done on each slide
  2. Loop your presentation by using the Slide Show tab and selecting Set Up Slide Show and checking Loop continuously until 'Esc'
  3. Go to the Playback Tab and select the option Rewind after Playing
  4. Save your file as live.pptx and save it in the Presentation folder located on the Desktop

Saving Your Presentation/Video

  1. Display kiosks do not back up anything stored on them
  2. Save your Presentations in a backed up location such as a Department Share (Matthew), your personal account's My Documents, or on your OneDrive for Business