CIS Conference Room Reservation Policy


The CIS Large and Small Conference Rooms are available to be reserved by all SPU faculty, staff, and student leaders on campus. Please refer to the following guidelines to help us be good stewards of this resource. If there are any questions, please contact Allison Pincus at 206-281-2441 or the CIS HelpDesk at 206-281-2982.

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More information on how to book a conference room can be found here.

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Booking a CIS Conference Room

Both conference rooms are located within the CIS office and are only available during CIS’s normal office hours, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. Requests made outside of these hours are not permitted unless special arrangements have been made in advance.

The CIS Large and Small Conference Rooms may not be booked for any undergraduate or graduate academic courses. 

Departmental Priority

Provided there are no inherent scheduling conflicts within a reservation, CIS has adopted an automatic approval policy for Faculty and Staff requests for both the Large and Small Conference Rooms.

Reservations for both rooms should be made well in advance. Reservations with single bookings and reservations with multiple bookings are both permitted.  

CIS reserves the right to cancel bookings for departmental priority with reasonable advance notice. CIS also reserves the right to periodically re-evaluate and (if necessary) cancel bookings or an entire reservation based on departmental need for the room.

Room Access: Entrance and Exit

All faculty and staff have card access to enter the CIS office at the main Staff Offices entrance between 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM. When the first meeting attendee has arrived, the external conference room door may be propped open to allow remaining attendees to directly enter the conference room.

If your meeting or event does not include a faculty or staff person, please come to the CIS HelpDesk and a member or our team will confirm your event and let you into the room. Outside of regular office hours, access will not be available to the remainder of the CIS Staff Offices (including the restrooms).

Room Maintenance

Please be sure that meeting attendees leave all equipment and furniture as they were found, and do not remove any from the room.

Please be sure to close all windows and doors, turn off all lights, and turn off the projector and TV when the meeting concludes.