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Flip is a free video discussion tool that allows threaded video discussion in the canvas course. It integrates with Canvas and instructors can grade the video assignments using Speed grader.


Flip is a Microsoft product and SPU does not have Admin access to support their use.

Learn more about the Flip basics from the Microsoft Educator Center. Click Here!

Click Here! for Flip support page.

Minimum Device Requirements:

Flip works on almost any device with a camera! Depending on what kind of device, there are some required OS and browser versions outlined below. Click the link below to see if your system meets the minimum requirements to use Flip https://info.flip.com/about/system-check.html

  • Flip works best with the new Microsoft Edge.
  • Other devices such as Kindles, Microsoft phones, and older devices may watch Flip videos but they will not be able to record videos. 
  • Flip's iOS app requires iOS 14.5 and up.
  • Flip's Android app requires Android 6.0 and up.
  • Minimum version requirements for different browsers:

New EdgeChromeFirefoxOld EdgeSafari

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