2020 Faculty Technology Update

Whether you are instructing in-person classes, 100% online, or a hybrid of both, please refer to the following resources for the upcoming academic year.


Contact the CIS HelpDesk

Submit a CIS HelpDesk Ticket

Email the CIS HelpDesk

Call the CIS HelpDesk: 206-281-2982

2020 Classroom Tech

Watch: SPU Classroom Technology Training

On August 19th, as part of an all-day CIS technology training mini conference, CIS and ETM hosted a lesson on classroom technology for the upcoming year. You can find a recording of this training here.

Subjects covered specifically in the SPU Classroom Technology video are:

  • 00:00-25:45 - review of existing technology in classrooms (computer podium, projector controls, document camera), troubleshooting potential technology issues

  • 25:45-38:00 - recording lessons in an on-campus classroom (Panopto), hardware needed to record, recording challenges in the classroom

Live streaming in classrooms is currently not supported by CIS or ETM.

Watch: Microsoft Teams and VoIP Training

An additional training offered at the August 19th CIS mini conference was titled, "The Future of Phone Calls at SPU: Microsoft Teams/VoIP." Please find this recorded training here.

Aside from being SPU's eventual replacement for the existing, legacy phone system on campus, Microsoft Teams is a useful collaboration tool that allows faculty, staff, and students to instant message one another, have video meetings, share files, and more. See here for the quick start guide.

Need a Webcam or Mic?

If you need a webcam or microphone for teaching please contact ETM at etmhelp@spu.edu  or at 206-281-2170.

Check Your Classroom Technology

We encourage all faculty to test the technology resources they will use for classes this quarter.

In-Person Classes

Stop by your classroom, log in to the podium computer (or try plugging in your laptop if you plan to use it for your lessons), check for access to your OneDrive for Business, do a quick run-through of your presentation, and test any specialized software. If you spot any problems please contact the CIS Help Desk at 206-281-2982 or  www.spu.edu/cishelpdesk .

If you need a refresher on how to operate the podium PCs or other presenting technologies in classrooms, please first refer to the recorded lesson on SPU Classroom Technology. To schedule a one-on-one training with a technician, please contact the CIS HelpDesk at 206-281-2982 or www.spu.edu/cishelpdesk.

Please do not unplug, power off equipment, or move computer podium cables. Before leaving your classroom please return the podium equipment exactly how you found it.

Online Classes

If you will teach online, please also familiarize yourself with setting up a Zoom class. Start here for information about features available on Zoom and how to get signed up. CIS recommends that all faculty request a Zoom Pro account. This will allow you to host a class over Zoom of unlimited duration and with up to 300 participants.

Emergency Classroom Support

Even with good preparation it is always possible that some technology will not function as expected in the classroom. It is CIS's priority is to assist you in these cases.

If you run into technology problems in your classroom, CALL THE CIS HELPDESK at 206-281-2982. We will do everything we can to provide assistance on the phone or immediately dispatch a technician to your room.

Our goal is to correct technology issues before they turn into a classroom crisis. If you experience any trouble at all during a class period but can't wait for support, please be sure and let us know about it later.

Do not unplug, power off the equipment, or move the computer podium cables. Before leaving your classroom please return the podium equipment exactly how you found it.

Software in Classrooms and Academic Labs

All classroom and lab computers have a broad range of software installed and configured, but please let the CIS HelpDesk know if anything is missing. Additionally, if there are any new software needs, please inform the CIS HelpDesk as soon as possible. There is often a review and testing process required for new software.

For more information on how to request new software for academic computers or how to request an update to existing software, see here.

Virtual Computer Labs Online

As of spring quarter 2020, the academic software programs you and your students may need for your classes (such as MATLAB, Food Processor, and more) are now available via  Amazon AppStream.

AppStream is intended for use from non-SPU/personal computers so it is not necessary to visit an on-campus computer lab. See the complete list of software available and more information here: Amazon AppStream Apps.

Physical Computer Labs

Physical computer lab setups, specifically those with Mac computers, are being finalized to include social distancing requirements as we enter into fall quarter. Please contact the lab coordinator of a given area with questions about in-person access hours.

Affordable Laptop Program for Students

If one of your students is in need of a personal computer: the CIS HelpDesk has a limited supply of refurbished computers available for students to purchase via a one-time charge to their student account. For more information see here: Affordable Laptop Program for Students.

Minecraft for Education

Included in SPU's licensing subscription for Office 365 products this year is access to Minecraft at no additional cost. See here for more information.

CIS HelpDesk Support

Due to COVID-19, the HelpDesk is restricting in-person support to appointment-only. Phone and email support are available during our normal business hours. Please submit a ticket to request an appointment.

Submit a CIS HelpDesk Ticket

Email the CIS HelpDesk

Call the CIS HelpDesk: 206-281-2982

In-Person Support (By Appointment)

Please submit a ticket to request an in-person appointment. The CIS HelpDesk is located in Lower Marston Hall.

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Monday-Friday: 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM