2021 Fall Technology Update

Welcome back! Summer is coming to a close and the SPU community is preparing for a return to campus. Just as it took time to shift to working remotely, it may take some time to get setup back in your campus office.  Whether you are working on campus, working remote, or doing a bit of both this will be an academic year unlike any other. Read on for some news, some advice on returning, and to learn what's new in the world of campus technology services and resources.

The CIS HelpDesk

Need help with Banner or logging in to Canvas? Computer running slowly or might have a virus? We're here to help!

In-Person Support (By Appointment Only)

Unfortunately COVID-19 restrictions necessitate closing the CIS Helpdesk to unscheduled in-person support.   Please submit a ticket or call the CIS Helpdesk  to request an in-person appointment.

CIS HelpDesk Contact 

Submit a CIS HelpDesk Ticket
Email the CIS HelpDesk
Call the CIS HelpDesk: 206-281-2982

Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Lower Marston Hall

What's New!

New Outdoor Wifi Locations!

Outdoor WiFi locations have been added in Tiffany Loop, Martin Square, and in front of the C-Store.

Hybrid Meetings

Many areas of campus are embracing new flexible schedules, necessitating hybrid meetings where some attendees are meeting in person and some are attending remotely.  If you have questions about how to do this well see the Hybrid Meetings & Technology blog post for advice and how to reach out for a consultation with CIS.  

Office Hours and Online Appointments with Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Bookings is an online booking solution that allows people to book appointments with individuals or offices at SPU and syncs directly with your Outlook Calendar.  /wiki/spaces/SWDOC/pages/36590500 is preferred to Calendly as it is FERPA compliant and does not require exposing private calendar and contact information to a 3rd party. View recorded training  from CIS or find more information on getting started in the Technology Service Catalog .

SPU Login Changes

A reminder that CIS is migrating all SPU systems to authenticate using Azure Single-Sign-On (SSO).  Systems that have migrated will begin using the same login page that you've used to log into SPU Webmail. See the SPU Login Changes blog post for details.

Returning to Campus

Update your Computer 
If your computer has not been on the campus network or VPN recently it will likely need to run several hours of updates and security patches.  Avoid this disruption by connecting to a campus VPN prior to returning or plan your schedule around updates running when you return. 

Your computer may need to run several hours of updates and security patches when you first return to campus!

Office Equipment
Gather any office equipment that you took home. Possible items may include your computer, monitor(s), docking station, cables, keyboard, mouse, printer, headset, webcam, office chair, etc. Carefully package your equipment when transporting to avoid damage. 

Protecting Student Privacy

We all value our privacy and are frustrated when companies are careless with the sensitive information we entrust them with.  As a member of the  Seattle Pacific University  community, you share in the responsibility to protect our students by complying with regulations and University  policies.  The Regulated Data Chart provides a simple overview of which places have the security and contractual protections to store certain types of sensitive Regulated Data. You can also learn more about campus Data PolicyData Laws and Regulations, and Handling Confidential Data responsibly.

Using a Personal Computer for Work

Personal computers and departmentally-purchased computers (unmanaged) do not have the same security and regulatory compliance protections that SPU-managed computers purchased and managed by CIS have.  Personal devices or cloud resources (like Google Docs) used for work purposes are subject to eDiscovery and can be confiscated or seized if they are suspected to contain information related to a lawsuit against the institution.  Protect yourself, your property, and the University by following the Use of Personal / Un-Managed Devices for Work policy.

Use OneDrive for Cloud File Storage

Storage platforms like Dropbox and Google Drive are not compliant for sensitive or regulated University data, such as information protect by FERPA.  OneDrive for Business is the contractually protected platform approved for storing sensitive documents in the cloud.  

CIS Staffing Shortage

The CIS Technology Support Services team is entering fall with 50% of its positions vacant. More than 20% of positions are vacant across the department. The dedicated folks in CIS thank you in advance for your patience as we churn through your support requests at a slower pace than we would like.  If you know someone who would be a good addition to the CIS team, the department is offering a $1000 referral bonus for hires that retain for at least 6 months.

Peer-to-Peer File Sharing and Copyright Compliance

File sharing software that copies and distributes songs, movies, videos, games, and software applications without the permission of the owner is a Copyright Law violation that can subject you to criminal and civil liability. Content owners use technological means to track the file sharing of their intellectual property on the Internet. SPU is required by law to inform you if we are aware you have violated copyright law and must provide your information to copyright owners for legal action if you do not cease illegal activity.  You are responsible for the activities of your computer when connected to the campus network. See  here  for more information about copyright compliance.