Grading Turnitin Assignments in SpeedGrader



Canvas provides an option to grade submitted Turnitin assignments through SpeedGrader. Turinitin is a tool that gives an originality report and similarity index letting you how much of the assignment is original. This report is displayed in SpeedGrader and instructors can also choose to grade the assignment with a rubric.

View submission on SpeedGrader

  1. Open the Turnitin assignment.

  2. Select "SpeedGrader" from the right-hand side of the screen.

  3. Use the "student list" to locate a student submission on the top right corner.

    1. Once you select a student, SpeedGrader will display the student submission in the viewing window.

    2. If the student re-submitted the assignment, SpeedGrader will display the most recent submission.

    3. You can always view previous submissions under "submission to view".

Turnitin Error

Note: Turntin may occasionally generate an error message about the status of a submission. If a submission includes an error, you can view the message by clicking the Turnitit error icon. You can also click the Resubmit to Turnitin button.

Grade Assignment (with Rubric)

  1. Enter the grade in the Grade field under Assessment to grade the assignment.

  2. Click the View Rubric button if you added a rubric to the assignment for grading 

  3. Select the rating that fulfills the criteria and the number of points will update in the points field for each criteria item.

  4. Click the comment icon to add a comment for a criteria item.

  5. When you are finished, the rubric shows the total points at the bottom of the window, make sure to click the save button.

  • If you graded you assignment with a rubric but the Grade field does not update, your rubric was not set for grading and you will have to enter the score manually.

Grading Rubric with criteria, ratings, and point value columns


Adding a rubric has to be done before attaching the external tool. If you already created an assignment, you can detach turnitin temporarily to add a rubric. You should be able re-attach the external tool after editing the assignment setting.

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